Why are youth
centers important?
Youth centers are important gathering places that offer quality after-school programs. Many studies have been done on teen centers and have shown that they:

  • Decrease juvenile crime
  • Decrease the likelihood that teens will be victims of violent crime
  • Decrease teen participation in risky behaviors, such as drug, alcohol, and tobacco use
  • Lead teens to develop new skills and interests
  • Improve teens' grades and academic achievement
  • Encourage teens to reach higher in planning their futures
  • Increase teens' self-confidence and social skills*



*Information from www.safeyouth.org

A multipurpose center that can provide
activities and a gathering place.

Teen Centers provide a safe environment for youth to gather and enjoy various activities. Many success stories of youth turning away from unfavorable lifestyles to wholesome activities have been shown to be a result of a positive activity center.

How the youth center works

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